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Our Services

Media Relations: Our vision is your vision. Whether its increasing awareness, building credibility or promoting an event, media coverage can help you and your small business achieve a number of goals. So, if it’s in front of the camera, on the radio, or in newspapers and blogs, our main goal is to get you in the news!

Content Creation: It’s quite simple: content is king. Whether its photos, biographies, testimonials or press releases, spreading the word about your small business is very important. But, how can you let your target audience know who you are? You must communicate your message in a way that your audience will understand. Let us help you create that content that will put your business on the map.

Social Media Campaign: Whether it’s a tweet, a share or a status update, social media can be a bit confusing. That’s why Top 5 Media Group is here to offer you our expertise and to do the leg work when it comes to conducting research. It’s our mission to help you understand where and how your small business should be involved in the social world and to help your social media presence grow by leaps and bounds!

Web/Graphic Design: Whether you need a website designed or redesigned, a logo, or brochure, we can help convey whatever your vision is for your business. To gain leads for your business your digital storefront must be as appealing and professional as your product.

Blogging: Top 5 Media Group takes “your voice” and molds, shapes and nurtures it in a creative, yet professional manner. Blogs give businesses a platform to showcase their talents and what they can offer their audience. The benefits of blogs are endless and we will help you communicate your message to the public!

Award Submission: Whether you’ve won an award or have been nominated, everyone wants to win. Not to mention, awards give your brand credibility; a win-win situation! If your business was recently recognized for an achievement or won an award, let Top 5 Media Group get the ball rolling with the right award process so you can be recognized!

Inbound Marketing: Bringing visitors in and grabbing their attention is the main objective. Top 5 Media Group will help you effectively reach your audience via email by assisting you from start to finish from crafting the right messaging to when and how often you should reach out to your audience. Top 5 Media Group will help you every step of the way.

Event Promotion: From ribbon cutting ceremonies, anniversaries, awards ceremonies or any celebration for that matter, let Top 5 Media Group assist you in promoting these events and help you make memories that will last a lifetime.