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Building a bridge to your website using Instagram!

Building a bridge to your website using Instagram!

Instagram is a visually exciting social media platform. Its users range in demographics from kids to adults and celebrities to brands. It’s quite evident that Instagram has cast a wide net on society, which makes it a great platform to join if you haven’t done so already.

Instagram doesn’t allow clickable links in the caption area. Though this might appear to be a deterrent, it’s not, because Instagram allows its users to include one clickable link in your bio. It’s for this reason that you have to choose your link effectively.

A common way to lead your Instagram followers to your website is to use the “link in bio” tactic in your caption to signal to your users that there’s more content on your site that they can consume. Often, businesses use this link to direct their users to a landing page, the homepage or even to a company blog. The choice is yours, but it’s imperative that you drive your users to a page where your most relevant information lives.

Another great way to generate website traffic is to include a call to action (CTA) in your posted content. CTAs are an important marketing tool to implement because it encourages your users to follow through on an action. For Instagram, images that convert can be created. The image should include a CTA and your website URL.

Another great way to generate website traffic with Instagram is to share blog post pictures. When it comes time to publish a blog, you should have a social media-friendly image ready for posting. Though you can’t directly share your blog posts via Instagram, you can at least share an associated image. Be sure to utilize original pictures and include a link to your blog post in your photo’s description as well as a CTA that will convince your audience to go to your website to read your latest blog post!

Just like with other social media platforms, engagement is essential for success. The more that you engage with other users by liking their photos, following them or even dropping them a comment, the more they will engage with you in return. Engaging with your audience has the potential to lead to more followers to your website.

When implementing these helpful tips, it’s important to be consistent with posting and following through on these strategies.

Kahala Grier is the owner and BDM of Top 5 Media Group, a boutique media agency thats located in Charlotte, NC. She specializes in helping to enhance the brands of small businesses from the inside out! She is a graduate of Clark Atlanta University, and a proud transplant of Brooklyn, NY. Kahala brings to the table a decade of sales, advertising, public relations and marketing experience. In her spare time she loves to read, travel and spend time with her family!